Rules and Regulations

In addition to the Woodbury CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions) and other governing documents, the Woodbury HOA board has specified the below Rules and Regulations. For a complete description of all policies, join our Woodbury HOA Facebook group or visit the OneDrive of Community Documents.

  • Trash cans cannot be left on the curb more than 48 hours before or after trash pick-up.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Please make sure that you pick up all dog poop.
  • Street parking is for temporary visitors only, less than 24 hours. Resident vehicles must be parked in their driveway or garage. Please note that parking on 134th Ave NE is only available on the east side of the street, as the west side is a fire lane.
  • All new external structures or alterations to your lot (buildings, paint colors, fences, decks, pavers, yard art, driveway modifications, etc.) must be approved by the HOA’s Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Submit plans at least 30 days in advance to A form is available on Onedrive and our Facebook group (see Communications section for specifics).
  • Landscaping and grounds must be maintained regularly and consistently. The board conducts landscape compliance checks quarterly: March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1. The board considers unmaintained lots,those which have (Note: this applies to any area of your property that is visible to neighbors, which includes the sides of homes):
    • Excessive Weeds (over 20 mature weeds visible)
    • Unmowed grass (over 6” tall)
    • Excessive bare, dead, or weedy spots in a grass lawn (over 25% bare/dead/weeds)
    • Dead trees or plants on your property (in landscaping, pots, side of house, etc.)
    • Garbage, debris, or unused building materials visible around the yard
  • Holiday decorations are allowed 30 days before and must removed 30 days after the holiday.
  • Sports team décor and other outside decorations are permitted for the duration of the sporting season (up to 6 months). All sports décor must be removed within 15 days of the end of the formal season.
  • Homeowners are responsible for watering and hand-weeding the curbside grass strip if you have one in front of your home. The landscaping crew will take care of the rest, including fertilizing, thatching, and overseeding.
  • We have a lot of pets and children on our streets, so please drive cautiously and slowly.. There is a 10 MPH speed limit on the private drive located at 134th Ct NE and NE 199th Pl. We ask that a similar speed limit be observed on the other streets within our HOA, as well.
  • The NPGE around our neighborhood cannot be used for personal use in any way. If your property is adjacent to the NPGE you may remove invasive plants (i.e. black berry bushes). Adding personal property, structures or planting non-native plants is strictly prohibited by law.

Non-compliance fines

The HOA board is charged with enforcement of the CC&Rs and policies, landscape maintenance, etc. For homes that are out of compliance, they are issued a written warning by the HOA board. On the second offense, the fine is $50. On the third offense, the fine is $100.